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Dr, Nilay



To set up   smart clinics and smart hospitals of future, help health care entrepreneurs and doctors to achieve milestones in their journey towards universal health for all.



Technology supported health care access for all.

Dr. Nilay Brahmachari M.S. Surgery 1998, MBBS 1994

P.G diploma: clinical research | Hospital and health care management | Medico legal management.

Hospital management training from IIM.

Founder’s profile..

A surgeon by qualification, IIM trained, moves from health care Operations, to leadership to strategic with 23 years of Rich experience. Currently I am undertaking assignments in strategic areas to contribute towards technical aspects as well as business set up and growth for varied clients in healthcare sector as a freelance consultant.

I started my career as a Consultant Surgeon in a Government Medical College. Within a short period, I served the healthcare industry by establishing a Proprietary nursing home, an entrepreneurial venture and successfully ran it for over a decade.

Thereafter, I switched over to a corporate hospital Shalby, where I started working on corporate and international patients. My inclination and flexibility enabled me to quickly move to Healthcare administration into Clinical Operations and as an additional responsibility, I led a team responsible for obtaining NABH (functioned as an accreditation coordinator), supported international business and led the group’s Clinical Research domain for 7 years .As an added responsibility, I started overseeing a new 250+ bed multi-specialty hospital project and then subsequently got promoted as a COO for the same hospital. I could quickly build a team that helped in ensuring timely commissioning of the hospital successfully. I, with the team swiftly transitioned through the incubation phase and moved into the expansion phase exponentially, with positive EBIDTA in the second year in spite accommodating AB-PMJAY.

The Group’s strategic committee led by the Chairman expressed their wish in leveraging my strategic skills and entrusted me with the responsibility of heading their flagship hospital and thereafter within a brief period of 6 months of handling the Flagship hospital, I was promoted as a Cluster head for 4 hospitals having 700+ beds and contributing to 2/3 of group’s revenue – all of these successful and challenging assignments within a span of six and half years at Shalby Ltd .I had an opportunity to build a skilled health care task force by proactive trainings, positive counselling and career guidance to the team members that was responsible for.

I had a brief assignment with Paras health care a leading hospital chain in North India as a Facility director.

It is my passion to contribute towards academics and philanthropic activities associated with health care sector

I thoroughly enjoyed this journey.

Founder’s Message.

I have gone through various stages in health care sector ranging from  the clinician side to health care administration to leadership to strategy to business set up in my journey to provide quality health care. Today I am trying to collate all these experience into making health care smart.

It is my passion to plug  the gaps observed by me at various level of my career to make health care safe, affordable, accessible and harmonious between rural and urban settings. Be it availability of resources, doctors, imbibing engineering and information technology, skilled manpower, health care  awareness, transparent consultations, avoiding long waiting etc I am working  for all of these within my reach.

I have seen people of any level fearing health issues . The children, elders and old all need good health. The burden of health care rests mainly on tertiary care hospitals. It is unwise to load them with chronic care, primary care and wellness. We will have to allow them to focus on acute care where they are fighting for a larger cause and life. The focus of primary care and secondary care can very well be handled by midsegment and small segment hospitals or clinics if they are supported by technology

We as health care professionals and leaders will have to come out with hospital infrastructure and health care systems which are patient centric  and we need to support our doctors and hospitals to offer safe and technology supported quality care. This is where I see a greater role for community and NGO’s who can work as coordinators in the health care domain in both rural and semi-urban settings. All the segments of the society should come up and support the stake holders to make our Health care system best in the world.