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Mr. Vasantrao Thete

Mr. VasantraoThete

Managing Partner and Director Smart Health care:


A Philanthropist and versatile professional, an MBA in Sales and Marketing – trained in the United Kingdom. With the wide experience of more than 17 years in the Healthcare & Hospital industry, Mr. Thete is known for his Exceptional Communication Skills & Community Connect. He has stepped up his Corporate Leaderboard from Manager level to Corporate Head in many Renowned Corporates such as Marks & Spencer’s at UK, Apollo Hospital International limited at Gandhinagar, SAL Hospital at Ahmedabad, Krishna Hospital & ICCU at Ahmedabad and ShalbyGroup of Hospitals at Ahmedabad.

He is an expert in turn around of the hospital at different stages, totally transforming them into self sufficient organizations. His experience in initiating and closing payor’s tie up is noteworthy. He has a neck for hospital development at any stage and is very enthusiastic about the same. His strong focus on digital connect at the appropriate times have helped lot of his clients. His community engagement programs a are a great hit given his strong knowledge into the community health requirements and about the hospital services of his clients. He has very huge network of hospitals on his ever-growing client list. A very strong negotiator for his client’s rights and human health care needs he is an ideal choice for hospital development of any size; however, he prefers midsize to multispecialty hospitals for offering his services.

Apart from his professional milestones, Mr. Thete is highly active in “making a difference” in the society through various social services and community connects. He is a Charter member of the Lions Club of Naroda Centennial and President of the Lions Club of NarodaCentennial

20/ 2021.

Mr. VasantraoThete is highly involved in bringing the JOY to the needy and HEALTH AWARENESS amongst the society with the Lions Club of Naroda Centennial.

He has adopted 20 childhood cancer patients at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

He has regularly organized Multispecialty & Diabetes Screening Camps in Rural & Urban areas of Gujarat which resulted in the succession of over 50,000 screening of patients.

More than 200 Eye Cataract Operation with NO COST FROM THE PATIENT was conducted under his leadership at Lions Club of Naroda Centennial.

Multiple Blood Donation Camps, Covid-19 awareness sessions at various locations in Ahmedabad were guided by him.

Moreover, he is in the process of brightening the future of Slum Kids by providing free Education to them at Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Naroda. Nearly 70 students are taking the benefits of free education every Sunday under the banner of “Mohalla Education” through the Lions Club of Naroda Centennial.

Lists of social services is over a page wherein Mr. Thete is engaged as a leading member of the Lions club of Naroda Centennial. Under his tenure the club has successfully done the “Tree Plantation Movement” by planting more than 90000 trees. Mr. Thete don’t miss any opportunity of helping and developing our society whether it involves Clothes Distribution at Old Age Homes or creating awareness on Electricity & Fuel Saving or Awareness on Go Green – Go Eco Friendly- Stop Plastic Use and even organizing free diabetes camp every Thursday at shri hanuman mandir trust Naroda, he has shown his highest level of dedication in all the social activities which is commendable.

Vijeshkumar Barot

Mr. Vijeskumar Barot

Managing Partner and Director Smart Health care:


He is having a rich and targeted experience of 18+ Years   in Hospital and Healthcare Business Development. He is instrumental in corporate, non-corporate and non-government tie ups for his clients and for the hospitals he has served till now. He has worked in the first corporate hospital in Gujarat and Rajasthan “Krishna heart institute, later on Krishna Shalby hospital “for a period of 10 years. He has a strong insight into various tie up methodology, rate differences, compliances and inspections, not to forget his contributions to credit recovery and revenue cycle management. An expert in the field of cashless tie ups he is currently engaged in credit /noncredit payor’s tie ups for the hospitals and subsequent desk management for them.

He oversees a team of enthusiast who manage cashless approvals, file submission, NMI resolutions and credit recovery for his clients. Given his rich experience in government and semi government liaison he is an asset for his clients, when it comes to licensees, legal compliances, communications with higher authorities and closure of grievance. All of these is largely due to his varying experience in TPA (Third Party Administration) operations as a senior management team member. He is having a vast experience of Provider Network, Grievance Redresses Work and Claim Management work.

He has 15 years of experience in Hospital Management in various departments such as Administration, Billing, Mediclaim, Cashless Processing, Quality, Business Development through Corporates, PSUs, Govt. Schemes. He is a pioneer and strong believer of HIS and has lot of trainings and module design for front office staff to his name. He has a strong Rate Negotiation skills and ability to Design policy &process of concerned Department, which has proved to be a boon for his clients

His Core Competency is also in the field of Concept Development and Business Development through Community Corporate Relationship.

He has a varied and rich client base, who has been benefitted owing to his ownership of their projects. His contribution to the society in terms of health activities has taken a shape of an NGO “Sarvottam Seva Santha” of Which he is a chairperson. Currently this NGO serves the needy in health care and create awareness on primary and preventive care.