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Service industry is the symbol of this century.

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    • Service industry is the symbol of this century.

Healthcare sector is one of the most challenging service sector with two customers : the patients as well as the doctors .  Covid -19 and it’s impact has raised serious doubts in our minds . There is a strong need for a partner as never before as on one end there is   need for high quality patient care which is affordable and accessible , patient safety, maintaining regulatory standards and on the other end there is expectations to  meet the financial challenges and productivity. For  this, we  all need to create and manage   an  appropriate  infrastructure as well as we need to focus on trained and optimally utilized   human resources  . Here the fact that, “there is a strong need of a strategic partner” cannot be ignored . The health care entrepreneurs need an umbrella that can shelter them and keep them away from the efforts of meeting all these challenges alone. They need their strategic partner and that is where “Smart health care” plays a  supporting role with ownership offering it’s skill set in a team based approach.