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Accreditations (JCI, NABH, NABL QCI)

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Accreditations (JCI, NABH, NABL QCI)


Accreditation comes with all the benefits for the hospital, patients, staff and various stake holders. Accreditation is a mark of trust. It ensures patient safety and quality care for them. It sets up a culture for quality care within the organization leading to better out comes and productivity. It raises the hospital’s standard of care and makes an organization policy and process driven. It creates confidence in the hospital services amongst patients. It is a mark of trust. It is not a one time but a continuous process with audits of quality parameters at entry level, Final assessment mid-term surveillance and Reaccreditation. Thus, it renders the continuous scope for improvement and is a fact-finding mission. It is a culture that imbibes in your organization, an approach for a corrective and preventive action to the gaps observed. It helps us to serve our patients better.

It provides us a continuous opportunity for learning and self-development within our organization. The employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction index goes higher up with all its benefits. It clearly helps us build a strong team. The accreditations are mandatory for some of the payor’s tie ups as it signifies compliances, processes and protocols in order