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Consultant Doctor,CXO level and hospital staff recruitment

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Consultant Doctor,CXO level and hospital staff recruitment.


“Right Person for the right job”
We provide end to end services for recruitment in hospital sector for green field ,brown field and replacement in a current organization. We are experts in recruitment of consultant doctors and CXO level hiring , also helping organizations to define models of engagement. Knowledge of the thin lines that separate each medical specialities, infrastructural requirements, P&L status of all specialities , way forward, doctor’s aspirations at different stages of their life cycle from a registrar to department director and HOD makes us your ideal choice for the process .Having a vast experience in the field of hospital administration and development our team aims to close consultant doctor engagement at a comparatively faster pace reducing the TAT. Looking at obvious challenges it imposes our team has the necessary connect, expertise and skill set to close the positions.
The CXO level recruitment is a leadership position closure with all its implications on the institute or organization. The position in itself is of a very critical nature as it is often a bridge between the team and the board or governing body. The critical nature is further reflected in direct gains related to successful closure of the position in a stable manner which covers HR as well as Operational acumen on the part of the recruitment firm.
The staff recruitment is challenging in the hospital industry looking at the attrition factor, a demand supply gap in skilled manpower and the pattern of daily work which is related to services of highest standards as they deal with human life. We setup industry benchmarks in terms of engagements which help our clients define a manpower planning at the different phases of hospital development.
We at smart healthcare understand the nature of the services and are committed to offer best results pursuant to our experience and expertise.