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Remote patient monitoring and connected care solutions

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Remote patient monitoring and connected care solutions

The incidence of teleconsultations is on the rise across the world. We provide end to end solutions in remote patient monitoring and connected care, we build your business models to welcome the technological advancements. Health technology is the need of the hour. Our Honourable PM has urged us to utilize the telemedicine platform to boost our Indian health care system. The same model can be utilized to aid the developing countries. In our commitment towards digital health mission and universal health for all, we offer a range of health technology solutions. All of them focus on connected care and remote patient monitoring. The world today is witnessing significantly increased incidences of remote patient monitoring and connected care and is further projected to rise exponentially.

Benefits of telemedicine:

  •  Timely access to medical interventions
  • Faster access to medical interventions
  • Access to health services otherwise not accessible Cost savings
  • Legal protections
  • Reduces the inconvenience/impact to family and caregivers
  • Ease out follows ups and chronic care
  • Maintenance of records and documentation
  • Both sides safety against contagious diseases

We now have telemedicine guidelines:


The telemedicine guidelines help realize the full potential of these advancements in technology for health care delivery. It provides norms and protocols relating to physician-patient relationship; issues of liability and negligence; evaluation, management and treatment; informed consent; continuity of care; referrals for emergency services; medical records; privacy and security of the patient records and exchange of information; prescribing; and reimbursement; health education and counselling.
We provide IOMT devices based advanced telemedicine solutions, telemedicine solutions without IOMT devices, solutions to assist doctors in their offices and set ups.

Health Kiosk


HeCloud based connected application Powered by scientific evidence-based algorithms to create health profiles and give personalized advice towards better health.
For large and medium sized Hospitals, RWA’s, Corporates & Organisations
  • Instant Health Profile in non-invasive segment
  • 10 different health parameters and diabetes risk score
  • Wellness guides and management
  • Compact design and occupy a small space in high footfall area
    Can be Customized and can be linked to more IOMT devices
  • Instant Report on SMS, Mail & WhatsApp Kiosk station



The need for Tele ICU is evident from the fact that for app. 1 lakh ICU beds there are very few Intensivists while the guidelines mandates round the clock intensivist for monitoring an ICU patient.

Benefits are


Specialized team at Point of care avoiding unnecessary patient transfer to other centre, less manpower costs related to transfer, Relief for the family of patient , Low infection rates due to low ICU traffic, builds confidence of local doctors treating cases, builds confidence amongst patients for the centre resulting in future benefits, surprisingly per bed Tele ICU cost is comparatively lower, Availability of case reports to the patients’ relatives ensures transparency, Generates the team concept in counselling , Multiple opinions can be taken from different intensivists affiliated to central monitoring centre on demand, and quickly high quality reports are generated.