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We help you design and build smart hospitals of the future and fulfil your dreams.

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We help you design and build smart hospitals of the future and fulfil your dreams.

We offer you end to end solutions in, Hospital Project programming and conceptualization, Feasibility and Detailed Project Report, Designing and Architecture, Construction and Commissioning.
In a hospital project, programming and concept designing is the first stage when a thought consolidates in the mind of an entrepreneur and has a very important role to play. This is the job of a health care consultant who has experience of all the phases in the life cycle of a hospital and its functionality with results. The facility planning under his guidance goes a long way ahead from here to supervising architect plans, construction work, MEP work, overseeing project operation interface, hospital commissioning with   staff selection, medical equipment planning, tariff or schedule of charges after competitor analysis, consultant doctors on boarding, necessary permissions, hospital information systems, EMR systems, payor tie ups and setting up system & processes for better outcomes.
The feasibility and detailed project report covering financials, serves as a decisive document for the promoters and a road map is created to achieve the desired goal.
Designing a hospital is a complex process as the same has two important members as its stake holders: The patients and the Doctors working there. There are legal, technical, ethical, and financial implications, not to forget the thin lines that separates each department. We have to consider the department needs and requirements of the star consultants who will be heading the departments. The employees and patient attendants are a major stake holder and their needs have to be addressed. The specialty mix, the bed mix and size of the project as per the community need is of prime importance.
The space design should take into account the functional aspect of a project. The stack plans, the room sheets, scale, zoning etc. requires a thorough understanding of complex operational process.
A large designing team or a project team is required to successfully execute a hospital project. This may range from 25 to 30 different departments necessary to carry out coordinated efforts before first patient can be examined. All of them works under a leadership of the promoter or a facility project head for better and timely outcomes.
The project engineering is one that needs a special mention. The safety and security of the entire hospital depends upon the engineering. The better designed projects always serve to end up in low operational costs, low maintenance costs and addresses the safety issues well.
We offer services related to the above concept, at any stage, of any category in the entire cycle of a new hospital, a renovation, a brown field project or a facility expansion.  
  • Facility designer or project head
  • All Architectural designs and plans
  •  MEP
  •  Interior plans
  •  IT planning
  •  Engineering systems,
  • Safety layouts.